Scott Goldberg

correspondent. anchor. storyteller.

Scott Goldberg - official site of the journalist, anchor, correspondent. Scott currently is the midday radio anchor at ABC News.  A Murrow and Emmy award winning reporter on radio and TV.

Scott Goldberg is an innovative storyteller known for conceiving, writing, editing and delivering colorful content.

He's been recognized for his ability to make complex topics relatable, winning the National Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Writing - twice - as well as five Emmys.

Scott Goldberg ABC Correspondent Anchor

Scott Goldberg ABC Correspondent Anchor

As a network and local news correspondent, Scott has traveled the globe covering everything from natural disasters and violent protests to baseball games and bears on golf courses.

Currently he's the midday anchor at ABC News Radio in New York.

In addition to hosting hourly newscasts and live coverage of breaking news and special events, Scott serves as a national correspondent for the radio and TV networks. He also hosts podcasts.

In 2014, 2015 and 2016 Scott was part of the ABC team that won Murrow Awards for Overall Excellence.

Scott Goldberg ABC Correspondent Anchor

Scott Goldberg ABC Correspondent Anchor

Before coming to New York, Scott covered business, political and breaking news for TV stations in the South and Midwest - most notably KARE (NBC) in the Twin Cities. He also spent a year in Argentina, covering that country's economic and political crises for National Public Radio.  

He's covered five U.S. presidential elections, foreign trade deals, energy independence, and immigration - including the story of his own family's journey to America, starting in the concentration camp where his mother was born. In 2005, Scott broke the Minnesota Vikings "Love Boat" scandal - a story that made waves well beyond Lake Minnetonka.

He's a proud graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.  

He also worked for THE ONION.